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2 points by rocketnia 2582 days ago | link | parent

"They're using it as an example , that's all."

Oh, I can understand that point of view. Just because there were multiple examples doesn't mean each one introduced new requirements.


"It's obvious that you want to think in terms of package managers, and that's fine, but I really do not get the impression that's what they're talking about."

I just wanted to help you elaborate on the claims you're making about Nulan's namespace system. You originally quoted Casey McCann's examples, but I perceived them differently than you did, and I had trouble understanding your perception from your terse example code.

Now this seems to be resolved. We may not agree in our interpretations, but now I understand your claims relative to both of them. Thanks for your patience with me. ^_^


"Ultimately, it seems the only way to resolve this is to actually ask them what they meant."

I don't think that's necessary, but it would be interesting to know.