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Arc Lang Wiki update
4 points by kinleyd 2898 days ago | 2 comments
Good news to report. Googling for arc lisp, arc lang, install arc, emacs arc and learning arc all place our Arc Lang Wiki on the top page. The weight of all the new links we've pointed to the wiki have kicked in. :)

It's still mission impossible searching just for 'arc' - no sign of us even on the top 10 pages. There's just too much noise for that, including Joan of Arc! Even the Arc Forum makes it only to the third page.

3 points by rocketnia 2898 days ago | link

Searching for [arc]...

On Google: The 14th hit (2nd page) is The 17th hit is I don't see any more results in the next few pages. This being a Google search, the results are tailor-made according to my personal search history. (Ironically, this means there is some value in asking someone else to Google it for you. :-p )

On DuckDuckGo: The 26th hit (2nd page) is I don't see any more results in the next few pages. DuckDuckGo gives everyone the same search results.


Searching for other things...

Searching for [emacs arc] on Google and DuckDuckGo doesn't give me arclanguagewiki on the first ten pages, regardless of whether I use Google or DuckDuckGo. (In fact, DuckDuckGo runs out of results, or at least stops listing them, after about ten page breaks. Each page seems to have more and more results on it as well, so the scrollbar of sisyphus makes it hard to count.)

Searching for [arc lisp], [learning arc], or [install arc] on DuckDuckGo doesn't seem to turn up arclanguagewiki at all. These searches work just fine for me on Google, turning up arclanguagewiki on the first page as you say.

Searching for [arc lang] puts the wiki on the first page using either engine.


2 points by kinleyd 2898 days ago | link

Thanks for the feedback. After having announced social integration in search, Google seems to have gone a little cagey on it. I'm not sure if it's because of the mixed reaction to it.

When they first launched it, the tabs to use or not use social search results were right there on the top right section of the search page. They've since been moving it around and it shows only if you click "More search tools" on the bottom left, where one option is "All search results" and another is "Social". And it isn't immediately obvious how much weightage the first gives to social results, if any at all.

Anyway, "All search results" is what I used and it does not appear to display what I get if I pick just the "Social" option, so it should be a decent indication of what the average Google search will show. Haven't used DuckDuckGo yet, will mosey over.