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Semi-Arc on Android 0.3
5 points by suzuki 3553 days ago | 1 comment
I improved the user interface of Semi-Arc on Android. Now it has an editor and a finder.

  Semi-Arc on Android with Editor/Finder (in Japanese)
You can rotate the screen without losing the session (see AndroidManifest.xml). Typing a right parenthesis shows the corresponding left parenthesis (see

  - - - - -
If you modify the AndroidManifest.xml (android:minSdkVersion="10") and compile the source as follows, you might be able to run it on Android of API level 7 and 8.

  Android Development Cheat Sheet (in Japanese)
However, I am afraid of the bug of old Androids. In an emulator of API level 7 and 8, the symbol "-" has the value 0 strangely:
This is the reason why I have set the minimum version to be 10.

1 point by kinleyd 3553 days ago | link

Thanks suzuki. The edit support is great, and so are the other fixes in the repl. Keep working on it, we love having Arc on our Android phones. :)