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2 points by sacado 4879 days ago | link | parent

Very good app. This (and its source code) is the kind of things that makes me sure Arc is really a great language for webapps... How long did it take you to make it ?

6 points by mattjones 4879 days ago | link

Seconded. Reading the source code is a lot of fun. It's well organized and really makes the case for Arc's approach to HTML. I know I'm a convert; having stuff in so many separate files, MVC style, feels like sludge compared to this. Even if you do have to start breaking things into separate files as the app gets more complex, being able to start out like this is a serious gain.


3 points by brett 4878 days ago | link

Thanks. I'm not sure exactly how long. There was a lot general arc exploration mixed in with hacking on the app.