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2 points by kinleyd 2817 days ago | link | parent

Nice touch. BTW, Googling for 'install arc lisp' gets the wiki to the top page or close. I'm hoping that eventually we can get just 'install arc' or 'arc lisp' to do the same. Just 'arc' looks like mission impossible. :) Adding more links to the wiki will help. So listen up, all Arc-fu exponents!

3 points by dido 2815 days ago | link

Well, I added links to Arcueid to the wiki as soon as I learned of it, and will be adding links the wiki in Arcueid within the README and wherever else it makes sense to do so.

I see Wikipedia's article on Arc links to the wiki as well, although perhaps it should be amended to be more prominent than a single footnote citation.


3 points by evanrmurphy 2817 days ago | link

Just added one to this blog post, as well as a link in the Try Arc nav to try and assist with this issue:


1 point by kinleyd 2817 days ago | link

Thanks evanrmurphy, that's a good additional link to have.


2 points by akkartik 2817 days ago | link

Ah, good point. It should help that I updated the anarki readme to link to it yesterday.