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1 point by dido 3871 days ago | link | parent

Another day, another release. Unit testing against arc.arc has uncovered more serious bugs and missing features in the code, and now we have version 0.0.3. Get it here:

Or clone the tag from the git repository if you prefer.

New in version 0.0.3:

- A lot of bug fixes, most notable is the fact that 'nil and nil were not the same in previous versions.

- Readline support in the REPL should be a bit cleaner

- Some feeble attempts at tail call optimization

- Some compatibility fixes for reference Arc, mainly in the behavior of the type function, e.g. (type 1+1i) => num, where Arcueid used to say (type 1+1i) => complex. The previous behavior (which I think might be more than useful) is available in the atype function.

- Tracing support now disabled by default. Can be enabled with a command line switch.

- Tracing displays environment variable names.