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4 points by dido 3873 days ago | link | parent

I've finally managed to fix most of the problems with the initial release and at last arc.arc now loads cleanly. Am in the process of testing each of the functions and macros in arc.arc to see if they work as expected. Now it seems that Arcueid is getting that much closer to being complete!

New in version 0.0.2:

- Readline support in the REPL. Note that you'll need the development headers for readline (libreadline-dev on Ubuntu) for this to work. This is also the reason why the REPL is GPLed instead of LGPLed.

- All of the Arc definitions are there, though they've not all been tested and they likely don't all work.

- Tracing and disassembly. There is a (trace) function that toggles tracing. Everything run on the REPL becomes traced until it returns. (disasm <somefun>) will disassemble a function and show its bytecode definition.

It's tagged v0.0.2 and is commit 602da1f00f7937e0fcf57c71b376673c5aab3ad6