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3 points by dido 4296 days ago | link | parent

Try adding the single line

to the end of /etc/ and then run ldconfig -v. This is a frequent issue when it comes to shared libraries that get installed in /usr/local/lib. I have no idea why most Linux distros don't like to put /usr/local/lib in by default. It is extremely irritating, since most everything one builds from source installs there by default.

1 point by rocketnia 4296 days ago | link

That works!

Interestingly, this is what /etc/ looked like before:

  include /etc/*.conf
And this was in /etc/

  # libc default configuration
The "include" line doesn't seem to do what it looks like it's supposed to do. :-p The man page for ldconfig doesn't mention "include" at all (nor #-comments...). It would be funny if Linux Mint came with this kind of but its version of ldconfig thought "include" was just another directory in the list.