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1 point by akkartik 2390 days ago | link | parent

arc3.1 works fine with the latest racket.

This list of bugs in arc3.1 is good to be aware of so you know the most common reasons to switch:

2 points by mjdwitt 2390 days ago | link

It would have been nice to know that 3.1 worked fine with racket. Is there any way we can update the installation instructions on this site to reflect that, or does pg need to do that?


3 points by akkartik 2390 days ago | link

Yeah. We regulars try really hard to get the word out about the arc wiki because we're actually empowered to keep it updated.


1 point by vu3rdd 2390 days ago | link

Is there a mailing list or is this forum the place to ask questions?



2 points by akkartik 2390 days ago | link

This forum is it. Feel free to ask us anything.