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This is probably too early to ask this...
4 points by mk 4394 days ago | 6 comments
Arc has it's own web server and from looking at the arc wiki code that someone posted and the blog example from the tutorial it looks fairly easy to get something up and working. But without having a box co-located and having to deal with shared hosting packages how would I get my little hacked up arc blog, wiki, whatever etc. up on the internets. Is anyone wanting this yet, or are people content with just running your apps on localhost?

3 points by jgrahamc 4388 days ago | link

I have a web server in the UK which has space on it. I'd be willing to configure Apache as a reverse proxy into an Arc script of your choosing. You can have a little bit of space for free, if that's what you are looking for. If you start killing my server then you'll need to look for something non-free.


3 points by tjr 4394 days ago | link

You might try using


4 points by ryantmulligan 4393 days ago | link

That one seems kinda expensive. I'd try or depending on your bandwidth needs.

What you need is a VPS server so you can setup arc yourself.

Alternatively though, you might be able to hack arc to work on a site like Their CGI support includes mzscheme


1 point by tjr 4393 days ago | link

Didn't know about Looks like a good deal.


1 point by ryantmulligan 4391 days ago | link

The only downside to vpslink is that if you don't use their Xen virtualization option, you don't get swap space


1 point by drcode 4393 days ago | link

what you want is hope that still comes alive someday...