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1 point by Pauan 3428 days ago | link | parent

As far as implicit gensyms go, it is certainly nicer than having to explicitly use w/uniq. I can see how it can get rather tedious though, and starts to make your elegant code look a lot like Perl.

Have you considered moving the emphasis away from macros and toward fexprs instead? I suspect if you primarily used fexprs, then the problem with implicit gensyms would go away. Of course, then you end up with new problems... like this:

  (fexpr foo (x)
    (eval x))

  (let x 5
    (foo x)) -> would this return x or 5?
I attempted to add fexprs to ar, and in doing so had to face this problem. I "solved" it by making eval implicitly evaluate in the outer (caller) environment, ignoring the fexpr's environment. You can, however, explicitly evaluate in the current environment by passing a second argument to eval.