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What would make Arc a practical language for you?
6 points by aw 4025 days ago | 9 comments
"I'd love to use Arc for my next project; if only it had..."

Assuming that you already like the language, but one or more practical aspects are holding you back from being able to actually use it when you want to, what are they?

2 points by waterhouse 4024 days ago | link

Graphics library capable of implementing a highly responsive game like this.

The main insurmountable difficulty with Racket is garbage collections. Eventually (actually pretty frequently) there will be a major garbage collection (as opposed to a minor GC, in the context of a generational GC), which tends to take more than 100 milliseconds even with a bare minimum of objects allocated. That is a game-breaker for this sort of... game.


1 point by aw 4024 days ago | link

This sounds like a fun project for the Google Chrome Native Client ^_^ (


2 points by rntz 4024 days ago | link

From most to least necessary:

  - A maintained, portable, stable, widely-available implementation.
    - I'm iffy on whether Racket is widely-available enough for a Racket-based implementation to satisfy me.
  - A module system.
  - A package-distribution system.
  - Better and more libraries, or a good, standard way to hook into racket's libraries.
  - Depending on the project, a reasonably fast implementation.


1 point by aw 4024 days ago | link

When you say "widely available", do you mean available on a lot of platforms?


1 point by rntz 4024 days ago | link


On looking into the matter, it seems Racket is available on Windows and OS X, so that's basically taken care of. Hopefully its source compiles on non-x86{,_64} platforms as well, but I don't really develop for those.


1 point by waterhouse 4024 days ago | link

I'd suggest just trying to compile it on whatever machine you might have in mind.

  git clone
  cd plt/src
  make install  # this builds executables and docs in place; takes a longish while


3 points by hasenj 4012 days ago | link

An active, vibrant developer community (like the one around Node.js)

There are of course a whole lot of thing I'd wish arc had, but the community is the most important aspect, if it was there, it could take care of all the details. The community would make the package management system, build decent libraries/packages, and make sure the implementation becomes widely available, etc.


2 points by n13l5 4023 days ago | link

There's a high risk I don't know enough to make an intelligent request, especially I have never heard of Racket or why Racket libraries would work over Python or Java libraries.

Would love to use Arc on Android, just cause thats what I currently need to do...

To me, a Scala-like JVM compatibility would be great, and being able to call java libraries...

Maybe the libraries aren't really possible without cludging up everything...


2 points by Pauan 4022 days ago | link

Perhaps you would be interested in Jarc[1] or Rainbow[2], both of which are Arc implementations that run on the JVM.

You can find a list of other Arc implementations here:


* [1]:

* [2]: