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1 point by NickSmith 5920 days ago | link | parent

I perhaps need to first teach myself to type. I meant SICP.

1 point by croach 5919 days ago | link

Heh, that's funny and disappointing all at the same time--I was really hoping there was another really great resource on the web for learning Scheme. Thanks for the reply.


4 points by NickSmith 5919 days ago | link

Sorry to disappoint, but here's a book that I do recommend:

It's quite short and set out in a question and answers style. The thing is, it very gently and very subtlety bends your mind around to the Lisp way of thinking. After reading this, SICP seems so much more accessible.

There are also two follow on books - The Reasoned Schemer and The Seasoned Schemer which are again quite short and use the same interactive approach. I haven't had chance to read them yet but they get rave reviews on Amazon