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Example pastebin, a first sketch (
5 points by aw 3906 days ago | 2 comments

1 point by evanrmurphy 3905 days ago | link

From the OP:

"we see the actual example of Arc running in the actual environement, not some different or pretend environment that might be the same as the cell phone or might not."

And from, after clicking the "start new repl" button:

"Note the connector allows this website to execute arbitrary code on the computer running the connector. If you'd rather not do this on your own personal computer, you may wish to use a virtual machine or an Amazon EC2 instance, etc."

Presuming that most people concerned about security would opt to run the connector through a virtual machine or something other than their personal computer, wouldn't we be effectively running the Arc examples through just the kind of different or pretend environments that we're trying to avoid?

I probably just have some misunderstanding about the project's intent or how the pastebin is going to work. Looking forward to your response. :)


1 point by aw 3905 days ago | link

Actually I imagine that many people won't have a problem with running the connector, in much the same way that many people don't have a problem with downloading and running other kinds of software from the Internet on their personal computer.

And... naturally there will be other people who don't want to run the connector, and so the site will be less useful to them.

Since this is a new and different kind of system, I wanted to be clear about what's going on -- so no one is surprised, and can make their own informed decision about if and where they want to run the connector.

I also plan to eventually have an API so that, among other things, people can perform their own runs and post the results to the site.