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1 point by dc27437 5923 days ago | link | parent

What did you do to get the base JSF to work on multiple servers? I am having that issue now - whenever a server switch is done, the context set up by JSF is lost and a blank page shows. Results 2 thru n on the same server are fine, result 1 being the initial page (JSP) request. Thanks.

1 point by nostrademons 5923 days ago | link

For basic JSF, you just set a context-param on your web.xml for javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD = client.

It'll serialize the UIComponent tree and store it in a hidden input field with every interaction, then restore the view from that field. Naturally, this doesn't work if you're using GET for forms. (There's an undocumented feature of JSF where you can change the form method using JavaScript and make it submit information via GET. It tends to break though - you can easily overflow query strings, and I recall some problems when binding components to bean properties.)


1 point by dc27437 5922 days ago | link

Thanks! I appreciate it.