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2 points by akkartik 2802 days ago | link | parent

:) This is a pretty good exhibition of features: You can see that the '? for optional' syntax hasn't changed, that $vars and o$vars are convenient and make several macros shorter. I suppose the fact of all args being optional is a little subtle and needs context to read between the lines.

But now I've let you put off trying wart again :) At some point I want to put a little webapp together to make reading wart code more convenient. So you can click 'next' from boot.lisp to go to 000.lisp (next in load sequence), tests are just a click away, etc. Really my only goal is to make it a pleasure to read, and I'd give an arm to hear experiences of lisp programmers reading it.

I haven't had any trouble with optional args (though this is the first time I've noticed them being useful). Or breaking constraints in general. I suspect the problem is not constraints I've broken but constraints I'm not even aware of.