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Ask Arc: What's the Arc symbol going to be?
6 points by daniel-cussen 4682 days ago | 9 comments
The cross of a Lambda and an A? A lambda shaped like a <a href="">gothic keystone arch</a>?

Will there be a vote of some sort? How is this kind of thing usually decided upon in Open Source?

6 points by aidenn0 4682 days ago | link

I propose we use an ascii art menorah. Unless that's taken by some other project I'm unaware of...


1 point by jsg 4682 days ago | link


1 point by olifante 4682 days ago | link

Don't you think the icon should be a bit more neutral? Would you consider using a cross or a crescent? Me neither.


2 points by dmm 4681 days ago | link



1 point by sjs 4680 days ago | link

Something clever involving parens and arches.


2 points by aaco 4682 days ago | link

I'd use an Unicode arc.

&#9696; 9696 25E0 UPPER HALF CIRCLE


Would work as a presage for a soon Unicode implementation.


2 points by bayareaguy 4682 days ago | link

Character 2221 (measured angle) from the mathematical operators range would be good too.


2 points by olifante 4682 days ago | link

How about using @? It has an "a" underneath an arc, plus it's webby...


2 points by parenthesis 4681 days ago | link

... and it's ascii!