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2 points by rocketnia 4914 days ago | link | parent

Great point.

For what it's worth, 'apply could be moved to arc.arc:

  (def apply (self . args)
    (zap rev args)
    (zap [rev:+ (rev:car _) cdr._] args)
    (self . args))
I think the number of times I use 'apply with a variable in the final position is enough for the syntax to be relevant to me... but then I'd be likely to refactor (a b c . d) into (apply a b c (something-else)) and vice versa all the time, which would be a bit of a pain. Then again, it's balanced against the cost of refactoring (a b c) into (a b c . d) and vice versa....

by the time the compiler sees the expression there's nothing there to tell it that a dot was used.

In Racket's syntax there is a way, I think. It makes syntax more complicated than just its conses, though. You'd have to use an Arc variant of syntax-quasiquote (or just syntax-quasiquote) to construct it in macros.

Meanwhile, the (cdr `(foo . ,<scheme-expr>)) quirk would become more of a bug than it already is. But then I assume whatever Arc hack implements this syntax would also have '$ built in, so there's probably no point to keeping the quirk around.