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2 points by akkartik 4962 days ago | link | parent

I am not trying to implement arc on .net because I think it will improve arc. Rather, I'm implementing arc on .net because I think it will improve myself as a programmer, and .net as a platform.

Yeah that makes sense. I certainly didn't mean to discourage you or anything.

I see no real reason that arc needed to be implemented at all. After all, it's "just scheme" with a few simple aliases right?

_Precisely_ the point of wart. I want to maximize the 1-1 correspondence between arc and common lisp to minimize the work I have to do. I'd love to get you to take a look at the code and tell me what you think.

I wasn't claiming lisp implementations should always be atop lisp (clearly impossible), or that lisp implementations can't be buggy. Venturing down the long hard road of dealing with an immature runtime is just not for me, that's all :) (I was a systems programmer in a past life.)

having good library support is a wonderful feature

I find I can often build what I need. Or I can leverage the FFI. Or I can setup a server to provide services from other languages. All those seem relatively painless in lisp, and between them seem to cover all use cases. This is how I stay on easy street where the views are nice and the demons have been banished.