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2 points by akkartik 3520 days ago | link | parent

The only reason lisp is about lists is that it gets us homoiconicity. I think you could include more than lists without losing homoiconicity. I've thought about that in the past.

I'm not sure the benefit of {} is lack of syntax controversy, though. You still need some syntax, whether it's {} or &, and punctuation chars will still be precious, and there'll be disputes about whether this use is worth using up this char.

Well what do you think of it?

If it existed I would totally try such an approach out to see how I liked it. In general I think I'd like more ssyntax-like infrastructure, the ability to use {} for different things to see how it fits.

The big drawback of {} vs a delimiter in this specific case is more typing (and more shift-key presses). Hmm, hey how about if we just allowed rest args to be more than a symbol, and implicitly converted to a hash table?

  (fn(a b . c 1 d 2) ..)
Implicit hash-tables like ruby would be totally awesome.