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2 points by aw 3529 days ago | link | parent

To clarify: my comment was about my experiment with having tables print with "{a 1 b 2}":

  arc> (list (obj a 1 b 2))
  ({b 2 a 1})
it was this that I found hard to match key value pairs in a long table output and the curly brackets weren't standing out enough by themselves for me when I was scanning a large amount of debugging output.

For input, when I'm the one doing the typing :) -- and anyway the number of key value pairs is usually small anyway -- I'm all for typing fewer parentheses ^_^

1 point by evanrmurphy 3528 days ago | link

Thanks for clarifying, I was being careless about the distinction.

  {glad-to  'hear
   you-like 'writing
   this-way 'though!}