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1 point by evanrmurphy 4058 days ago | link | parent

> Wouldn't it be possible to separate the Arc-that-compile-in-js and jQuery?

I'd never thought of this before. I especially like your examples with the delimiter for switching between syntaxes. CoffeeScript provides one of those (, and I think you're right that it'd be nice to have.

> I find: ({} a b c d) -> js: {a: 'b', c: 'd'} Better than the single { equivalent.

([ 1 2 3) and ({ a 1 b 2) are kind of an abuse of s-expressions. I think the fact that I want them suggests I should be going all the way to [1 2 3] and {a 1 b 2}, without the parens at all. If you have to delimit them with parens, I agree [] and {} have advantages.

(Not to mention that it would screw up all editors :p)

Haha, yes it would. I finally had to turn paredit off in emacs when I was writing these expressions.

Thanks for your input, d0m. :)