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1 point by evanrmurphy 4378 days ago | link | parent

> What's your policy regarding the ability for people to say (let _x 5 ...) to spoof the mangler? ;)

The underscore prefix system would be nice because it's pretty readable, but it's not necessary. In the worst case, we can use gensyms. I thought using underscores for internal variables might work because CoffeeScript does it [1], but maybe it won't. So you raise a good point. :)

> Also, will the name "let!" conflict with ssyntax?

Yes. I'm starting from scratch with the ssyntax. `!` is a regular character now. It can be used in names like `let!`, and when by itself in functional position it compiles to the JavaScript negation operator:

  (! x)   =>   !x
`.`, `:`, `~`, `[]`, `&` and friends are out, too. This may displease my Arc buddies, but I just found it too difficult to think in JavaScript when the gap in meaning between Arc and JS for these characters was so large. `.` compiles to the JS dot operator now, `{}` to the JS object literal and `[]` to the array literal (see [2] for some details). Note that quote ('), quasiquote (`), unquote (,), unquote-splicing (,@) and string quoting (") should all work as expected.