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1 point by akkartik 4951 days ago | link | parent

"if I were trying to find it, the first place I'd look would be the documentation for `equal?' -- and it is indeed there, at the end of the second paragraph."

Part of the problem is that I never tried finding it, because it didn't occur to me that racket would have extensible equal?

A few months ago I was flattened - absolutely flattened - to find out that PLT has optional args and keyword args. (

I have no idea why this is. Perhaps the problem is that people expect scheme to be a small language.

3 points by elibarzilay 4951 days ago | link

Well, the optionals and keyword arguments have been in for a long time now... In fact, the current thing is a second iteration after a first facility that was more CL-like...

In any case, Racket is certainly not a small language...