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3 points by hasenj 4962 days ago | link | parent

Well actually, I'm putting the (asv) call in a thread and making it so that reloading the file doesn't restart the server:

  (mac set-once (s v)
       `(if (no:bound ',s)
          (= ,s ,v)))

  (set-once t* (thread:asv))
Watching for changes is not running in a thread, it's just the last line in my "web.arc"

And you're right, the hash-table is not needed at all. That was a premature design.

I actually re-wrote it a bit:

  ; watch the result of (func) for change
  ; and run 'on-change' when value changes
  (def watch-fn (func on-change)
       (let init (func)
           (while (is init (func))
              (sleep 2))
  ; watch the value-exp expression for changes
  ; and run on-change-exp when it changes
  (mac watch (value-exp on-change-exp)
       `(watch-fn (fn() ,value-exp) (fn() ,on-change-exp)))
  (def watch-file (file-name deleg)
       (watch (mtime file-name) (deleg file-name)))
  (def auto-reload (file-name)
       (prn "w/auto-reloading " file-name)
       (watch-file file-name load))
  (auto-reload "web.arc")