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So Groovy allows dynamic classes, not just interfaces? I'd like to do that in Jarc also. But I don't see how to do it without generating byte code.

Right, making new classes that extend classes (besides java.lang.Object) at runtime seems to require generating byte code. From

Sun's implementation of JDK 6 is co-bundled with the Mozilla Rhino based JavaScript script engine. (...)

Rhino's JavaAdapter has been removed. JavaAdapter is the feature by which a Java class can be extended by JavaScript and Java interfaces may be implemented by JavaScript. This feature also requires a class generation library. We have replaced Rhino's JavaAdapter with Sun's implementation of the JavaAdapter. In Sun implementation, only a single Java interface may be implemented by a JavaScript object.

In other words, the Rhino distributed with JDK 6 provides no JavaAdapter functionality the Proxy class can't already achieve....

Congrats on the job.

Thanks much! XD