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Convention for arc implementation version identification
5 points by jazzdev 4974 days ago | 2 comments
I'd like to suggest a convention for implementation version identification for Anarki, Rainbow and Jarc (and anything else out there!)

Perhaps a (version) method that returns a table with

  (obj name "Jarc"
       version "21"
       build "348")
This should make it easier to create Arc code that will run on multiple implementations.

What do you think?

1 point by rocketnia 4974 days ago | link

Awesome. If I had way more time on my hands, I'd have Lathe do bug-sniffing and provide a (version) function myself. :-p

I think feature-sniffing is usually the way to go, rather than implementation-sniffing, but making it possible to do implementation-sniffing too is still a net gain in convenience for an independent hacker. ^_^


2 points by rkabir 4951 days ago | link

it'd be nice -- also because i'm scouring posts to try to figure out what the de facto recommended versions / editions are.