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1000 Days
2 points by fallintothis 4992 days ago | 4 comments
Whoa. I have now been a member of this forum for 1000 days. I'm pretty sure that's the age of the forum, as I am joined by pg. Also akkartik and many others, I'm sure (I just don't know who).

Just thought it was interesting. :)

2 points by bogomipz 4988 days ago | link

What a coincidence! My account was a 1000 days old the day I read your post :) At first I wondered if this was a bug in news or something, then I noticed that your account acutally said 1003 now.


3 points by evanrmurphy 4992 days ago | link

The thousand-day language...

Almost 3% of the way to 100 years.


1 point by hasenj 4990 days ago | link

Not even close. The 100 years language is (supposedly) the language people will want to use even in a 100 years from now.

It's not even a 3 years language yet, because well, people are not jumping all over it.

Plus, a 3 year language implies a language with a very short life-span :p


1 point by evanrmurphy 4989 days ago | link

Yes, you're right. (Although the grandfather comment didn't really mean anything. Just silliness.)