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3 points by akkartik 3593 days ago | link | parent

Yeah. I have this hazy sense that people submit lots of bug reports on this forum, but no idea if any of them are ever integrated.

2 points by aw 3592 days ago | link

iirc all reported bugs fixes were incorporated by the arc3.1 release. (Releases haven't always incorporated all fixes reported up to that point, the atomic-invoke fix was particularly alarming and took several releases to make it in).

The only bug I'm currently aware of off the top of my head in arc.arc is readline, which was reported after the arc3.1 release.

There are a couple of known issues with the Arc runtime (i.e. the queue bug you found which seems likely caused by unsafe mutation of immutable cells, nested quasiquotation) which have prospective fixes, but neither tested throughly enough that I'd personally say, "oh, why yes, you should go ahead and switch HN over today".