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2 points by garply 3592 days ago | link | parent

What other goodies does your arc.vim plugin have? Is your editor at all integrated with the arc repl? Lack of a repl that I could easily send arc code to was the reason I switched to emacs after years of using vim. These days, using emacs with viper (vim emulation mode), I don't miss vim at all.

2 points by fallintothis 3584 days ago | link

Sorry, I'm not going to be the one to write SLIME for Vim. :P I'm afraid the only "goodies" I have are highlighting-related. Off the top of my head:

- It can detect macros that take rest parameters named body, then highlight and indent them correctly.

- It uses R5RS's grammar & mz-specific extensions to highlight numbers correctly -- even weird ones, like

- It notices paren errors involving [], like

  [(+ a b])
- It highlights escape sequences in strings, like

  "\x61b \t c\u0064\n"
- It does its best to highlight ssyntax characters so they're easy to read.

You can check out more at or It hasn't changed much since I first submitted it, though I've noticed it fails to highlight 0-argument function names like queue and new-fnid. Been meaning to fix that for awhile.