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2 points by rocketnia 3910 days ago | link | parent

Hmm, I kinda prefer local variables over common subexpressions. It's apparently not for refactoring's sake, since I just name the variables after the way they're calculated, so it must just be a premature optimization thing. :-p

But yeah, that particular example has a few ways it can be improved. Here's what I'm thinking:

  (=fn my.deglobalize-var (var)
    (zap expand var)
    (or (when anormalsym.var var)
        (errsafe:let (global (quot inner-var . qs) . gs) var
          (and (is global 'global)
               (is quot 'quote)
        (err:+ "An unrecognized kind of name was passed to "
I still like 'scope, but I'm fresh out of significant uses for it.

2 points by fallintothis 3910 days ago | link

(To continue the digression into this particular case...) I had thought about destructuring, but found the need for qs and gs ugly. Really, a pattern matching library would be opportune. But since there's no such luck in Arc proper, it'd be ad-hoc and probably altogether not worth it (though not difficult to implement). I say this with respect to vanilla Arc; I don't know if Anarki has such a library. Still, it'd be hard to beat something like

  (=fn my.deglobalize-var (var)
    (zap expand var)
    (or (check var anormalsym)
        (when-match (global (quote ?inner-var)) var
          (check ?inner-var anormalsym))
        (err "An unrecognized kind of name was passed to 'deglobalize-var.")))