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1 point by fallintothis 3838 days ago | link | parent

I think the example was supposed to set all of the variable names contained in the list xs to contain the value 'blah.

The example wasn't supposed to do anything. I was just foo-bar-baz-ing something. I don't think the example would actually do that anyways, for the same reason the following doesn't work.

  arc> (mac m (x) `(= ,x 'blah))
  #(tagged mac #<procedure: m>)
  arc> (m 'a)
  Error: "reference to undefined identifier: _quote"
I guess it would've alleviated confusion had I said

  (map (macro (x) ...) xs)

2 points by shader 3838 days ago | link

Well, first class macros don't work right now anyway, so I wasn't expecting your example to work. I was just trying to figure out the idea behind the example.

And I think that first class macros would be required to set an arbitrary list of variables to contain an arbitrary list of values via map. Obviously with or let would work in a local scope, but if you want global variables you'd need something like that, or at least a function that wraps the macro.