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12 points by sketerpot 5919 days ago | link | parent

Really? I could read it just fine, and I've never used Arc before. There was a bit of a learning curve when I was figuring out what the library functions did, but that took about 15 seconds -- roughly the same time it took to figure out exactly what was happening in the Python and CL examples.

Your understanding problem can probably be traced to two things: the implicit separation of the code into different pages (you haven't used the library yet, so you don't know what visual cues to look for), and the backwards order of the pages from the structure of the aform and w/link macros. Both problems can be solved by using Arc's library for an hour or two: you'll either get used to Arc's library or you'll find a way of handling common cases that's more to your taste.

In this case, I suspect the code could be made a lot clearer to you by splitting it into separate page-maker functions for each of the pages that the user will see. This would add about three lines of trivial code, assuming that the library works the way I think it does.