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2 points by aw 3514 days ago | link | parent

First time I've had a chance to look at this as I've been traveling -- wow -- very cool!

I was wondering if you would consider publishing this with a version number... such as this release might be 3.1-0, and then if you fix a bug or make an update the next version might be 3.1-1, and then if an Arc 3.2 comes out and you port that your version might be 3.2-0, etc.

You can do this in git simply by tagging your branch (e.g. tag arcc3.1-0 or whatever) and then I can pull the source by tag, and/or you could publish your tar file with a name like arcc3.1-0.tar.gz

The version numbering scheme doesn't matter to me; what I'm looking for is a way to say "my hack here works with rntz's arcc version X", and to be to distinguish that from some earlier or later version of your port.


1 point by rntz 3499 days ago | link

Sad to say, I'm not planning on maintaining this at all. I simply don't have the time now that I'm back at school, and my interest in Arc has been waning for some time now. If I did plan on maintaining it, I'd certainly give some thought to version numbering.


1 point by aw 3499 days ago | link

OK, I'll just refer to a particular version by its git commit id such as "601d219618c189554417082517066491e1386f35" :-)


1 point by shader 3480 days ago | link

It's standard to refer to a git commit id by only the first few digits of the number.

So don't worry! You can call it merely "601d2" instead ;)