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Arc-ish web programming in Python (
18 points by s3graham 4374 days ago | 3 comments

4 points by aston 4374 days ago | link

Nicely done.

Also, your list comprehension note (for blog post display) again highlights the need for better slicing on sequences in Arc. With that plus the [ _ ] form, I think Arc would've beaten you on token count.


4 points by s3graham 4373 days ago | link

Agreed on the slicing.

awhen with implicit `it' is a big win on length. I wonder if there's some scary-distasteful sys._getframe() thing you could do in Python to inject an `it'... ;)


1 point by misuba 4369 days ago | link

pyflow looks pretty hot. Where would you recommend that interested folks go for updates on it?