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5 points by pg 5919 days ago | link | parent

You'd do the same sorts of things you'd do in any language.

6 points by nostrademons 5919 days ago | link

In other languages, you'd typically store the session in memcached or the database, and then run multiple web frontends that each connect to the shared memcache instance or DB server. Can you serialize closures and store them in an external backend, assuming the existence of memcached and/or database bindings?

(I'm not asking this to prove a point or be a dick...this is a real issue in a lot of deployments. Java/JSF takes the same approach - it stores the complete state of the user interaction in a tree on the server, and then uses either a cookie or URL parameter to retrieve that state. A coworker and I spent a couple weeks digging into the JSF internals to get it to operate statelessly; the base JSF framework worked fine with a configuration change, but the AJAX framework built on top of it choked miserably.)