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3 points by namaste 5925 days ago | link | parent

I've been able to create one using Ruby and my Web Framework like this:

  tt = [
      '<form method="POST"><input name="t" /><input type="submit" name="OK"></form>',
      '<a href="said?show=1">click here.</a>', 
      "you said: #{@w.session['t']}"
  ti = 0    
  if @w.f(:OK)
    @w.session['t'] = @w.f(:t) 
    ti = 1
  elsif @w.q(:show)
    @w.session['do_show'] = true
    @w.redirect 'said'
  elsif @w.session['do_show']
    @w.session['do_show'] = nil
    ti = 2
  @w.content = tt[ti]
I'm not sure how other folks will solve it though. It's interesting that my Web Framework has support for both pure Ruby like this, and for a templated approach similar to PHP but using Tenjin: *

I wanted to keep it all in one URL and without template for this though. I'm not sure I'd normally program it like that, as I enjoy multiple pages and URLs. Anyway, many ways to skin a cat, and Arc did good.

P.S. In the past my framework had a more "programming" approach which was based on ideas I grasped from Wee which was itself based on Seaside. But since it has been dropped, but your challenge reminds me of it.