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7 points by tlrobinson 5925 days ago | link | parent

Without JQuery...

<input id="in" type="text" /><input type="submit" onclick="window.result='You said: '+document.getElementById('in').value; document.body.innerHTML='<a href=\'#\' onclick=\'document.body.innerHTML=window.result;\'>click here</a>'" value="Submit"/>

(it's a big hack, I know)

3 points by bdeterling 5923 days ago | link

Using Prototype and even more of a hack: <script src="prototype.js"/><input id="a"/><input type="submit" onclick="h=Element.hide;h('a');h(this);u=Element.update;u('c','Click Here');"/><a id="c" onclick="u('c','You said '+$F('a'))"/>


-3 points by name 5620 days ago | link