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1 point by rocketnia 4118 days ago | link | parent

Your example brings up an interesting side point: 'fn has a special interaction with , and *? Otherwise, ,d and ,c are referring to top-level things. Sounds like 'let probably has the same interaction, since if you could do (let it it ,then), you wouldn't need ,(leak 'it then). Is this something velcros can do too? Something like (def my-let ('var val ... ''body) ...)? ^_^ I'm probably going to check out the Eight interpreter myself at some point, but I figured I'd ask.

1 point by diiq 4117 days ago | link

, and * are just read-macros. ,a -> (comma a) a -> (asterix a)

The lambda-list of fn* is: ('lambda-list ... 'body) so ,c and ,d are not evaluated at the time of function creation.

Let is defined in terms of fn.

I'm not sure what behavior you're hoping for from that double quote.


1 point by rocketnia 4117 days ago | link

Ah, the fact that they're shorthand is what I expected, I was under the impression that even so, they were expanded before the velcro was finally called. Otherwise

  (aif *elses)
seems like it wouldn't work. Time for me to go get the interpreter.