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1 point by conanite 5334 days ago | link | parent

He makes some interesting points, but macros are like everything else that's useful (fire, nuclear power ...), they can be abused. It's fair to warn people about macros, just as people are warned repeatedly about multi-threading; but it doesn't mean macros, or multi-threading, are wrong or bad. Having a few years of practicing "Don't Repeat Yourself" in java, perhaps, you have finally hit the limit, and realise that removing more duplication means a net increase in volume of code. Arc and assembly are the only non-condescending languages I know, and I love the freedom of writing unfettered code in arc.

I notice that arc's macros are mostly very short and to the point, and are strictly hygienic even though the core language doesn't impose it. As for me, I'm still learning this discipline, just as it took me a while to understand why short methods and small classes are "better".