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2 points by akkartik 5334 days ago | link | parent

Thanks palsecam, I found it most useful. The issues with 'a naming are compelling. Good to know writefile implicitly does write+rename.

I like your alternative; weird that our comments kinda crossed (sorry I missed it before). I don't yet understand how it avoids unnecessary writes. I didn't appreciate how foundational sref is.

I left a link to an earlier discussion about the ..2 variants :) ( I need read-nested-table and write-nested-table because read-table and write-table don't handle nested tables. fread/fwrite is my attempt at a unified interface for pickling arbitrary objects. Ideally read/write would take care of that.

1 point by palsecam 5334 days ago | link

> I don't yet understand how it avoids unnecessary writes.

'ptable/'db? Because it only calls 'save-table when 'sref is called. 'sref is called when you modify/delete/create an element in the table.

  arc> (= sometbl!somekey 42)   ; 'sref is called, so is 'save-table (not immediately if using 'db)
So, if your table is not changed for 10 minutes, 'save-table is not called during these 10 minutes. See?

> / read-nested-table and write-nested-table

OK, I re-read it and I can understand now. Thanks. An unified interface is a good idea.

I just know about it but can't remember its purpose, but 'load-tables (notice the final "s") exists. Maybe it's here for nested tables [edit after looking at no it's not].


2 points by akkartik 5334 days ago | link

Ah, I don't know why it took me so long to realize how works.

Every sref calls the corresponding buffer-exec savefn. The first call to buffer-exec in an interval spawns a thread to save after the interval.

I think I just had my head stuck in the 'iterative' way and had to twist a little to return to the event-driven approach.

Reminds me of the time I used at to simulate cron.