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Newbie question: How to make my arc blog public?
2 points by revorad 4026 days ago | 5 comments
I have just started playing with arc and am loving it. I want to try and serve web pages from my home computer e.g. host my blog on my own computer and make it available online. But I'm struggling to figure out how to do it.

I signed up for a hostname on to point to my ip address. But when I try to access http://myhostname:8080/blog from another computer I can't connect.

I remember seeing posts here where people put up their arc apps. Did you have similar problems? I'd greatly appreciate any help.

3 points by zck 4026 days ago | link

Do you have a firewall or wireless router you're using? If so, you'll have to open up port 8080.


3 points by pg 4016 days ago | link

A better solution might be to supply an explicit 80 as an argument to asv. I.e. change bsv to:

    (def bsv ()
      (ensure-dir postdir*)
      (asv 80))


2 points by revorad 4014 days ago | link

I tried that but it still doesn't solve the problem that my ISP blocks port 80 by default.


2 points by revorad 4025 days ago | link

You're right, I think I fixed it now. Thanks!


2 points by s-phi-nl 4024 days ago | link

Once you get it up and running, would you mind posting a link?