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Accessing .arc db files
2 points by ark5 4477 days ago | 2 comments
Hi guys.. We have a project and we need to integrate our system into another system that uses this .arc file... the problem, we have no idea what this arc file is, needless to say we need a program to access this files, an ODBC maybe or something.. please help, im totally lost.. my plan is to create an OCX or DLL to access this files.. thanks in advance...

4 points by CatDancer 4477 days ago | link

Sadly this forum is for the brand new Arc language, not the ancient ".arc" archive format. You could try asking over at, someone there might be able to help you.


1 point by zck 4477 days ago | link

There's a program to extract .arc files here: . I have no idea whether it's the same .arc files as the ones you have, but it's worth a shot. Also, since it's open source, you can look at the code for the extraction algorithms.