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Jarc 1 released
7 points by jazzdev 5417 days ago | 1 comment
I've updated Jarc a little. I haven't added all the arc3 changes, but I did add:

  (declare 'atstrings t)

  x.y.z now expands to ((x y) z)

  arg* is now bound to an array of the arguments passed on the command line
The change to x.y.z seems significant.

I wanted to play with atstrings.

Someone asked for command-line args a while ago.


1 point by conanite 5409 days ago | link

Another arc3 change you might consider adding is that "set" was renamed to "assign".

jarc's build.xml makes some assumptions about tomcat which I don't have installed; I changed build.xml to point to my copy of javax.servlet.jar in order to compile jarc. I think it's ok (license-wise) to package the servlet jarfile along with your project so people don't have to go hunting for it.

You mention on the sourceforge page "Therefore web apps with the Arc html.arc package won't work. " - arc's web server doesn't actually use continuations, it uses closures, so they probably should work on jarc.

The proper symbol to declare for atstrings is "atstrings"

  (declare 'atstrings t)
(you have "atstring", I was about to complain that they didn't work :))