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File uploading in arc (
3 points by coconutrandom 3968 days ago | 5 comments

3 points by coconutrandom 3967 days ago | link

i've been pulling hair at why any method of reading data from the port was reading eof or nil before all the data was pulled after about 97kb.

then i saw

  $ grep -rin make-limited-input-port .
  ./ac.scm:1014:   (let ((in1 (make-limited-input-port in 100000 #t))
aye carrumba, let's bump that up to a few megs..


2 points by palsecam 3967 days ago | link

coconutrandom this is really awesome! You wanted something that was not possible with Arc (, and instead of complaining or anything, you actually make it possible!

Hats off, really, hats off to you! You are what I'd called a Real Man :-P

I'll take a look at the source as soon as possible to see if I can help for the refactoring, but I'm too busy this week-end.

Anyway, thanks :-)!


1 point by coconutrandom 3967 days ago | link



2 points by coconutrandom 3965 days ago | link

ok it's back up, still needs more done. notably special çhârs act funny, and it's sloooww

if it doesn't work for you let me know as I may have forgotten something else i've modified in arc.

source files:


1 point by coconutrandom 3968 days ago | link