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9 points by emmett 5985 days ago | link | parent

One thing I've noticed about languages: you can't really tell which is better from such a short sample.

Paul calls Prolog pattern matching great for writing basic list manipulation functions, then downhill from there. But if you're looking at those kinds of toy problems (how do you write reduce?) you get a biased sample.

Really, you have to try writing something representative of your problem space. And that code snippet is not at all representative of my experience writing web applications; it lacks:

  * Persistent storage
  * Large pages with multiple possible forms and actions
  * Javascript
  * Caching
  * Complicated queries
  * Pagination
In fact, what the demo code amounts to is a 2 step wizard. And in all of, we only have two wizards. So I don't think this is a good test for length of a web app.

One extremely important question: What would be? Is there some kind of canonical example application that could be designed?

5 points by nostrademons 5985 days ago | link

Reddit clone, including AJAX voting & comments and different sort orders.


5 points by emmett 5985 days ago | link

Wait a second...I think we might already have this written in Arc...


1 point by nostrademons 5985 days ago | link

I think we might already have it written in several languages...

So let's have the Reddit-clone challenge!


3 points by vikram 5985 days ago | link

A wiki