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2 points by patchfrus 3845 days ago | link | parent

Hm. Snif. How do I apply this patch? I said patch -p1 < patch, and only garbage was found. Then I said patch -u -p1 < patch and only garbage was found. Is there anything to be found in this patch that is not garbage? LOL.

%patch -p1 < unix-patch-2.txt patch: Only garbage was found in the patch input.

1 point by palsecam 3845 days ago | link

Ooops yes, apparently the file on pastebin is "corrupted", I don't know why. "@@" are missing. Maybe a bad copy/paste, but this is suprising. Anyway:

(Good) patch re-uploaded at

> How do I apply this patch?

   mkdir arc && cd arc && \
   curl | tar -x && \
   mv arc3.1 3.1orig && cp -r 3.1orig 3.1 && \
   curl | patch -p0
But all this is assuming you want to copy my arborescence:

     3.1/       # "my" version w/ patchs
     3.1orig/   # "official", ORIGinal version
Maybe you'd better look at the diff and manually apply the patch. A good way to start looking at Arc guts ;-) This was how I expected interested people to use the diff. But using `patch' directly is a good solution too :-)