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5 points by rntz 3690 days ago | link | parent

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, and I'll probably incorporate the auto-detection of interactive terminals and relative load-path fix to anarki (we already have eof-detection, thank you very much :), but the implementation has a rather significant not-exactly-bug-but-nonetheless-undesired-effect: it assumes that when (tl2) exits, the arc process itself will die, so it doesn't call (exit) explicitly.

This assumption is emphatically not the case when mzscheme is run with the options I prefer (-mf for mzscheme 372, -qif for mzscheme 4); for when the arc (tl) quits, we drop down into mzscheme. This is extremely useful, and is the purpose of the (if (eqv? expr ':a) 'done ...) check in 'tl2 that you eliminate (you don't even comment it out!) with this patch. So, with your patch applied, a) there's no proper way to drop back to the scheme interpreter, and b) if you run arc with the scheme REPL underneath (the -i/--repl flag), it will not in fact exit on eof, but will drop back to scheme.

2 points by rntz 3690 days ago | link

I have ported (and pushed) the changes your patch makes to anarki, with some modifications (avoiding the complaints I make in the parent post); while the actual changes are spread across several commits, a summary diff can be found at; note that this diff is not relative to arc3.1.tar, but to anarki before I ported the changes, so it will look a little different. I've also omitted changes to, because they will be wholly unfamiliar to anyone not using anarki. Instead, you can take a look at the entirety of, which is anarki's script for running arc, at