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1 point by palsecam 5461 days ago | link | parent

Well, if I dive deeply into CL one of these days, I'll tell you :-), but this not in my plans for the near future :-/

You are right to refuse "magic".

For Arc, oh this is way too much difficult for me, but if I had to try to solve the problem, I think I'd try to add a level of abstraction between the Scheme runtime and the Arc one (?!) Macros currently, as you know, directly run in the Scheme environment (am I all right?). I'd try to avoid that, and have more control over them by "compiling" them to a special form (`ar-macall') but not directly execute them (?!) And so 'if could then have a "higher priority" than macro expansion (?!)

But these are pure ideas in the wild. I am not able even to try, so don't listen this crap :-D

2 points by CatDancer 5461 days ago | link

> try to solve the problem

which problem, the 'myeach problem or the 'if problem?


1 point by palsecam 5461 days ago | link

Hi hi, this thread is definitely too big now :-D

The 'if/macroexpansion problem.