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19 points by matthiasf 5922 days ago | link | parent

Thanks for the highly accurate description of PLT and PLT Scheme. I founded PLT as an academic but I am one who appreciates the necessity to open a channel of communication between the 'real' world and academia.

While Matthew and Robby are the "drivers" (with lots of co-pilots :-) I think that setting this tone early in the project has placed PLT Scheme naturally in a lonely niche: it is a real scripting language with capabilities that rival those of everything out there and it is also a serious academic infrastructure. Typed Scheme -- the first and only sound 'gradual typing' language so far -- is just an example of what I mean. We can publish about this in the flagship research conference on programming languages and at the same time, we are using it for its intended applications. Sam Tobin-Hochstadt is porting a part of DrScheme to Typed Scheme as I type. It is this kind of experiment -- porting a piece that your "life" depends on -- that puts us squarely on the applied side, too.

-- Matthias